Publications & Projects

Working Papers:

“Teargas and Selfie Cams: Foreign Protests and Media in the Digital Age,” with Ze Fu and Dominika Kruszewska, 2019.

“Activating Intolerance: How Rising Levels of Authoritarianism and the Threat of War Affect Foreign Policy Attitudes in China,” 2016.

Academic Projects:

“News from Afar: Foreign Media and U.S. Public Opinion,” with Joshua Kertzer, Pablo Barberá, Andrew Guess, Simon Munzert, and JungHwan Yang.


“Intervening Variables: Race, Ethnicity, and Preferences for the Use of Force Abroad, ” with Andrew Leber.


 “The Sociology of Diplomacy,” with Tyler Jost and Robert Schub.



Opinion, The Diplomat, 2019: Pacific Island Nations Want Partners That Will Help Them Fight Climate Change

Opinion, Geopolitical Monitor, 2019: Cambodia and Other Southeast Asian Nations Shouldn't Be Stuck with Western Trash

Opinion, Charged Affairs, 2019: For the Chinese, Trade War Success is a Matter of Pride

Opinion, Geopolitical Monitor, 2019: Huawei's Teachable Moment on Public Diplomacy

Op-Ed, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), 2017: Make America Great with More Overseas Travel and Study Opportunities for Young People

Blog, The White House, 2011: Memories that Motivate